Advanced Astronomy

Students taking this course for advanced credit should check here periodically to find the extra work they'll need to do.

Advanced Students: Daniel, Geoffrey, Michael S., Marc, Marsha, Coralie, Kasey, Crystal, Donta, Craig, Achelie, Derrick, Keenon, Luis, Keila P.

Advanced students must complete 1 Current Event assignment and post 2 web-links on the Links page by the end of the term. For instructions, see the Extra Credit and Current Event pages.

Sunspot Analysis Extension
Do at least one of the following activities by Friday, 12/8/06, for 100 points.
a) Any one of the extension activities listed beneath the main questions for the Sunspot Analysis activity. (Remember, there were questions on both for the main graph and the Sunspot Number vs. AA Index graph. Just choose one.) Choose an activity that involves producing something, not just reading something.
b) Write more detailed instructions for future students to follow when completing the activity. Focus on downloading the data, producing the graphs, and uploading the graphs to the wikispace. Show me your instructions, then after editing them we'll post them to the wikispace (probably on the Sun page).
c) Create a podcast about this activity. It can cover what you learned, which hypotheses were true, or just explain how to do the activity. For example, you may make a brief podcast to step a student through each step of the downloading, graphing, posting to the wikispace, and data analysis process.

Op-Ed Assignment

Write an Op-Ed (Opinion-Editorial) article stating your opinion about whether Pluto should be a planet or not. You may also want to critique the new definition of a planet and offer your opinion regarding what the definition should be. Information about the Solar System object you studied could be used as supporting evidence. After the final edit of your letter, we will submit it to the Brockton Enterprise, which will publish the best. Your article should be about 300 words long (give or take a few). The assignment is worth 100 points. Rubric options are listed below. Let me know which rubric I should grade you with when you submit your work. Points listed on the rubrics will be scaled up to 100. I think the first rubric is the best. Also check out the examples of Op-Ed articles listed below. These examples show the style and format of this type of article.


"Think outside moon-Mars box: Maybe visit asteroid?", By James Oberg, USA Today, 1/13/2004 9:13 PM

Space exploration , David Bookstaber - Berwyn, Pa., USA Today (very short and to the point)

"Prioritizing NASA," St. Petersburg Times, Published November 27, 2004

"Probing Pluto and Beyond," The Washington Times, 1/18/06

"Waging War on Evolution," By Paul A. Hanle, Washington Post, Sunday, October 1, 2006; Page B04

"We may have become lost in space," The Age, August 7, 2005