Global Warming

Students are to read, analyze, and summarize the following three articles using the summarizing handout distributed in class. Students should also decipher the meanings of at least three difficult vocabulary words based on "context clues" found around the difficult words. The first article is analyzed together in class as a model, the second article is completed in-class but individually, and the third article is done for homework. Each article also includes the original audio from National Public Radio, which we listen to in class.
High Court to Hear Greenhouse-Gas Case, 11/29/06
High Court Hears Its First Global Warming Case, 11/29/06
Has the Move to Make Cars Greener Stalled?, 11/29/06
Word document containing all three articles
Summarizing handout

In the computer laboratory, students download, graph, and analyze data showing historic and prehistoric trends in a number of variables potentially related to global warming. These variables include atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, global temperature, human population, fossil fuel production and use, and sunspot numbers.
Student handout describing the activity -

The following websites contain useful data for conducting your own analysis of global warming and climate change.