How to Use This Wiki

How students can join and edit the class wiki:
1. First, you must have a valid e-mail address. If you don't already have one, I recommend going to and clicking the "Sign Up" link on the right. Make your e-mail address school-appropriate, professional-sounding, and private. "MichaelJ23" is more private than "MichaelJordan23" and more professional than "BabyDollx02301x". Do not use both your first and last name in any online username. And remember, other people will see this! If you don't feel comfortable entering your full name when signing up for an e-mail account, you can just enter your first and last initials, or your first name and last initial. This will give you some extra privacy. 2. Once you have an e-mail address and password set up, make sure you remember it! If you think you'll have trouble remembering this information, please write it down somewhere very private. After you've used your e-mail a few times and are comfortable logging-in, discard the paper with your address and password.
3. The first time you log-in to your e-mail for this class, please send an introductory message to me at This will provide me with your e-mail address while also letting me know it works.
4. After e-mailing me, register for the class wiki by making your own wikispaces account. To make an educationally-focused account that is free of ads and provides unlimited space, go to . Create a username of the format FirstnameLastInitial, and use your BHS ID number as your password. Enter the e-mail address you'll use for schoolwork. Respond to the "Make a Space?" question by selecting "Yes". Enter your username as the name of your space. For "Space Visibility," select "Public". For "Educational Use," check "I certify this space will be used for K-12 education." Finally, select "Join". You now have a wikispace account plus your own wikispace, which must be used only for educational purposes. (Feel free to make a personal wikispace by logging-in to wikispaces and selecting "Make a New Space" beneath "Actions" near the upper left corner of the screen. You do not need to make a new username or account to make a new wikispace.)
5. Check your e-mail as soon as possible and read the confirmation message from wikispaces. Follow the instructions in the message to confirm that your e-mail address is valid. This way, you'll be able to receive messages about the class wikispace, such as a notice that you've been accepted as a member.
6. After making and confirming your wikispaces account, you must join the class wiki ( in order to use it. First, log-in and navigate to the class wiki by typing directly into the address bar at the top of the screen or by typing "mrdawson" into the "Search" box (beneath "Actions" near the upper left corner of the screen). Be sure to search "all public spaces". Then select "Join this Space" (beneath "Actions" near the upper left corner). The next time I log-in, I will receive a request from you to join the class wiki, and I will accept the request, allowing you to now write and edit on the class wikispace. If you properly confirmed your e-mail address with wikispaces, you will receive an e-mail telling you that you're now part of the class wiki.
7. Once you're a member of the class wiki, log-in and go back to it to test it out by replying to one of the class discussion questions. Select your class from the "Navigation" menu (on the left), then select "discussion" (on the top). Read the guidelines first, then click any discussion question, read the question, and post a reply that meets the guidelines.

Uploading Files
So, to put a document on your wikispace... no problem, similar procedure as adding it to the blog. There are a few options (I've done each on your "Home" wiki page):a) Just add a link to the document as it's posted on your blog. For example, when I right-click on the link to the "Website Review" on your blog, and choose "Copy Shortcut," I get the following:, which is a link that could be added to your wikispace, and people can download the file that way. Technically, that's probably the most "efficient" way to do it, so you don't have to upload the document to more than one place. b) Do the above, but make the link "cleaner" by just going into your wikispace, selecting "Edit," writing the words "Website Review", highlighting those words, clicking the link icon (the globe with the chain link), then adding the URL of the document there (similar to what you do with the Navigation Bar.c) Go into your wikispace, "Edit", then use the tree icon to upload the file much as you would an e-mail attachment. Then put the cursor to the spot you'd like to place a link to the file, then double-click the file name in that little "Browse/Upload" window you got when you clicked the green tree icon. By the way, you can add your wikispace into a mini-window within your blog (see mine?). Log-in to your blog, and click the "Wikispaces" link near the upper-right. Once there, change the "Wikispace Name" to your wiki's name (basically, the URL without the http and www and parts). Then your wiki should appear somewhere on your blog. Maybe. Similarly, you can add your blog to your wiki, somehow. I haven't gotten around to that yet, but maybe now I will... (Though I noticed you've linked to your blog already, which is great!)

How to embed a Google Calendar into a wiki:
1) Log-in to google calendar
2) Click Settings
3) Click Manage Calendars
4) Click the name of the calendar you want to use
5) Click the little blue HTML button
6) Click Configuration Tool
7) Copy the text out of the HTML box in part 2.
8) Go to the Wikispaces page you want your calendar on
9) Click edit this page and put the cursor where you want the calendar
10) Click the little TV icon in the toolbar
11) Paste in the HTML
12) Click OK
  • You can use a similar procedure to embed a Google Calendar into any other website, such as a blog.