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Link Format
Author of website. "Title of website.", date updated, date you accessed (or read) it, date posted and name of person who posted it.
Skip to the next line and type a 75-100 word description of the website. Discuss why you recommend the website. Outline its strengths and weaknesses. Mention any special or "stand-out" features.


Osso, Richard. "Brockton High School Planetarium.", updated ?, accessed 10/26/2006 by Mr. Dawson.
This is the home page of Brockton High's planetarium, one of the only high school planetariums in all of Massachusetts. The former planetarium director was Mr. Osso, and now Ms. Rudnicki is in charge of it. This site has tutorials on many astronomical topics, such as constellations, eclipses, gravity, phases of moon, propulsion, and seasons. There are also word games, quizzes, and webquests. The BHS planetarium website also has lots of links to other cool astronomy sites, and the links are divided into different levels, for elementary students, secondary students, and teachers.

Strobel, Nick. "Astronomy Notes.", updated 4/21/2006, accessed 9/14/2006, posted 9/23/2006 by Mr. Dawson.
"Astronomy Notes" is the online resource that most closely resembles an actual Astronomy textbook. The author, Nick Strobel, is a professor in the Physical Science Department at Bakersfield College, in Bakersfield, CA. He created the website to provide information to students in his astronomy classes, so students are definitely the intended audience. Although it's not the easiest site to navigate, it is searchable and reasonably well organized by theme or chapter. Graphics help illustrate more difficult concepts, but do not overwhelm or distract the reader.

Astronomy Textbook -
Astronomy Textbooks highlighted by NASA -

U. of Tennessee Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. "Astronomy 161: The Solar System."
U. of Tennessee Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. "Astronomy 162: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology."
Online tutorials/textbooks about Astronomy. Wikipedia's entery on Johannes Kepler (a really cool link for sky watcher, talk about intersting astronomy events thet are taking place) ( Sunspots; Sunspot 917 and it's flare, wich seems to be growing)

William A. Arnett,, Last updated Aug 25 2006, Accessed Nov 7 2006
I chose this link because it has to do with most of the things we have dicsussed in class, and it has very useful information, some of what we could have used on our class wikis. It also talks about what we are now discussing in class about planet Pluto and how it has been demoted from being a planet. Crystal Brown

Christina Phillips,, Last updated Aug 27 2006, Accessed Nov 7 06
I chose this article because we have been planning a debate in class on whether or not we believe Pluto should be a planet. Well this link is totally based on opinion just like ours.Crystal Brown

Nemiroff, Robert and Jerry Bonnell. "Astronomy Picture of the Day.", Last updated Nov 9 06, Accessed Nov 9 06. Posted Nov 9 06 by Kasey Sheehan.
This website has a different picture of something astronomical every day. I chose this because I thought that the picture that was on there for today was really nice looking, and figured that subsequent pictures will be as well. A good strength of this website is that it has a descriptive explanation of what the picture actually is. Also, it tells you what the picture is going to be the next day as well.

"The Astronomy Net.", Last updated 2006?, Accessed Nov 9 06, Posted Nov 9 06 by Kasey Sheehan.
This link is to a website that has many different resources for Astronomy. It has pictures, articles, news, and discussion forums, as well as many other things that may be helpful in the future for this class. I chose this site because I thought that it would be good to have another resource for information if we ever need it later. This website seems to be laid out well, and is very aesthetically pleasing. I think it should be a great help to us in the future.

" - Science and Space", Last updated Nov. 14, 2006. Posted Nov. 14, 2006 by Craig Mannett
This link leads to the science and space portion of which tells of all the current discoveries in the world of science and technology. I think that this is a very important site because it is updated daily and will keep you informed about all the current research and findings made by scientist. Unlike most sites I came across, this site has a broad array of stories dealing with a many varied topics from all sciences but it still has a large portion reserved for current space and astronomical stories that are always up to date.

Dava Sobel's "The Planets
Times Online -,,2102-1747357,00.html
National Public Radio (NPR) (audio) -
Guardian Online -,,1561559,00.html

Interactive Astronomy
Solar System
Star Life Cycle
Multi-Stage Rockets
Moon Phases &Eclipses

Understanding Waves, by UCSD -
Doppler Effect -
Moon Rise and Set Times, for One Day, by the US Navy -
Moon Rise and Set Times, for One Year, by the US Navy -

Environmental Earth Science
Ms. Merriken, BHS Earth Science -

John Muir ENVIRONMENTAL EARTH SCIENCE These website has ben update Nov 2, 2006 by Madsen Bazile These website help you out for earth -
MA Tech Collaborative -

Teton Science Schools -
Become a storm spotter -

Global Warming graphing

Interstate Renewable Energy Council -
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) -

General Science Education Free course material (MIT)

Websites to Evaluate
Wikipedia - Earth Science -
Wikipedia - Astronomy -
Dihydrogen Monoxide -
The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus -
The Platypus -
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide -
Aluminum Foil Detector Beanies -
Buy an Ancestor Online -
California's Velcro Crop Under Challenge -
Case Analysis of a Historic Killer Tornado Event in Kansas on 10 June 1938 -
Feline Reactions to Bearded Men -
Golden Gate Tunnel -
Google Technology -
MoonBeam Enterprises -
History of the Fisher Price Airplane -
The Ova Prima Foundation -
Taxonomy of Barney -
Boilerplate: Mechanical Marvel of the 19th Century -

College Federal government student aid program The SmartStudent (TM) Guide to Financial Aid Scholarship search service

Community Service Opportunities

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Debate

ANWR, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Inupiat Eskimos , economics, jobs, taxes,
Gritch'in Athabascan Indians, Porcupine Caribou Herd, petroleum, oil



Official Arctic National Wildlife Refuge site @ U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Bush's National Energy Policy - Reliable, Affordable, and Environmentally Sound Energy for America's Future

National Energy Policy Report @ The Department of Energy (DOE)

General Accounting Office Report (GAO-02_64R) on oil and gas activities in national wildlife refuges

ANWR @ The United States Geological Survey (USGS)

USGS Fact Sheet 0028-01

U.S. Department of the Interior press release

Congressional Research Service Report IB95071 - The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Congressional Research Service Report IB10073 - The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The Next Chapter

Congressional Research Service Report IB10111 - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR): Controversies for the 108th Congress

Congressional Research Service Report RL31115 - Legal Issues Related to Proposed Drilling for Oil and Gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

Congressional Testimony by Secretary of Interior Gail Norton 3/12/03

Canadian position on development in ANWR


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: A Special Report by UConn

ANWR Presentations (for and against drilling) @ UConn


ANWR history @


ANWR @ Almanac of Policy Issues (great bibliography)

"Would opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Coastal Plain really make a difference?" Article by the World Resources Institute

Cumulative Environmental Effects of Oil and Gas Activities on Alaska's North Slope. Online report by the National Research Council. 2003. (a pro-drilling organization)

A weblog about the Arctic and energy (by a pro-drilling organization)

ANWR Policy Statement by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Time to Permit Drilling in the Arctic Refuge by the Heritage Foundation

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Development News (by concerned oil company employees)

ANWR @ American Geological Institute

ANWR @ The Sierra Club ("America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization")

ANWR @ The National Resources Defense Council

Northern Alaska Environmental Center

ANWR @ The Wilderness Society

ANWR @ Defenders of Wildlife

Alaska Conservation Foundation

Alaska Coalition (conservation group)

Save the Arctic Refuge from Big Oil

Protect the Arctic Refuge by the Audubon Society

ANWR @ Alaska Wilderness League

ANWR @ Alaska Wilderness League

ANWR Photo Exhibit @ The California Academy of Sciences

Oil Field or Sanctuary?: Story @ National Geographic

Some Shaky Figures on ANWR Drilling: Article @ Time Magazine,9565,170983,00.html

ANWR article @ GeoTimes

Presidential Candidate's opinions and other ANWR stories @ GeoTimes

What Price Drilling - Editorial by NY Times Staff Writer Nicholas Kristof 9/5/03

Casting a cold eye on Arctic oil - Editorial by NY Times Staff Writer Nicholas Kristof 9/10/03

Baked Alaska on the Menu - Editorial by NY Times Staff Writer Nicholas Kristof 9/13/03


"Is Alaskan North Slope Oil Commercially Recoverable? The Petroleum Product Chain at Work" by Oran R. Young

Extreme Oil: Alaska Technology and Environment
This Web site, which accompanies the PBS series EXTREME OIL, provides an overview of the oil industry's impact on Alaska's environment.

Extreme Oil: Alaska Economics
This Web site, which accompanies the PBS series EXTREME OIL, provides an overview of the oil industry's economic history in Alaska.

Extreme Oil: Alaska Politics
This Web site, which accompanies the PBS series EXTREME OIL, provides an overview of the oil industry's political history in Alaska.

ANWR Tourism

Political Contributions by the Oil & Gas Industries @ Open Secrets

Maps of the coastal plain showing existing oil development areas on state land

oil spill images @

The Coming Global Oil Crisis

ANWR Lesson Ideas

"Toward a Theory of New Literacies Emerging from the Internet and Other Information and Communication Technologies" Donald J. Leu et al
The Pedagogy of Civic Participation
Harnessing the Power of Video Games for Learning
NetSmartz: Internet Safety and Education Resources for Kids and Teens
Photo sharing w/ audio clips and slideshows -
Photo sharing -
Awesome data-driven, spreadsheet based computer activities -
Blog of Jamie Tubbs, 7th grade math teacher from Middletown, OH - www.misterteacher.blogspot.
Digital photography in the classroom -
Using technology to communicate in education -
Social media in education -
Using Flickr in education -
Using YackPack in education -
Mark Frydenberg's really cool tech classes at Bentley Colelge -
Museum of Science - Current Science and Technology podcasts -
Podcast Consultant -
Creative Commons licensing (what our space uses) -
Wiki for teachers -
NASA Explorer Schools -
Harvard Graduate School of Education Noyce Scholarships -
Class Matters, interactive graphs, great on StarBoard -
Class Matters handout -
CurriculumWiki -

Professional Development
ISTE Capstone Certificate Program (International Society for Technology in Education)
MA Env. Edu. Soc. (MEES)
STEM Ed. -

U of NE -
Catherine Leahy Brine - ($25 discount for BEA bldg. reps)
Curry College (Continuing & Grad. Studies) -
Teacher Education Institute -