BHS Solar Sprint


1st Annual BHS Solar Sprint - June 2006

These are the finalists for the 1st Annual BHS Solar Sprint.

Students building their cars.

Watch a video of the championship race.
One of the Sprinters was featured in the fall 2006 edition of the BPS newsletter, "School View."

What did the students have to say about the 1st Annual BHS Solar Sprint?
It was mad fun.
We had to make changes, and we learned so much making the changes. I am so proud of our car because when we first got the materials to build it we had no idea how to do it. But when we just took the time to figure it out, we ended up with a winning car.
During the building and racing of the solar car I realized that I’ve created a functional miniature solar car, something I believed at first seemed nearly impossible to me. I believed that creating it would be tough since I had little to no experience on putting together anything.
Some things I liked about it was how complex it was and the effort that everybody put into it. I liked having the opportunity to show what my teammates and I can do.
The people I worked with were very creative. Even though we had our ups and our downs, the car turned out to be a great success.
This experience also improved my skills in math, because in order to build the cars we had to make measurements on how long the wood should be and what angle the solar panel should be at. We hd to learn how to build the car as one group, which in my opinion made the class more united.
I love working with my hands and actually seeing how things work (other than just reading about it and then having a test).
This project was very stressful. It was fun, but it was also a hassle. Even with all the stress and irritation, I would start from scratch and build it all over again.
My experience throughout the solar car process was fun, interesting, frustrating, but most of all, fun. The best part was coming together as a whole with the other science classes to race. It was interesting to see the many designs and ideas people came up with to meet their very own project goals.
I learned that we had to make the solar panel tilt at an angle because the sun is at an angle. It was hard to know the exact angle to tilt the solar panel because the sun is at a different angle every day.
At first I was intimidated about building something that was supposed to run and function correctly. But once we started it became fun… I got very frustruated while building it, but after it was finished, I think all the aggravation was well worth it… Honestly, that day I wasn’t very concerned with winning, I was just glad to be a part of it.
It taught us all well in a fun and interesting way. This was fun and educational. It kept my attention, which is pretty rare.
The city’s solar panels are going right across the street from my house and I didn’t know what it was all about. But now, from learning what we did in class I have a much better understanding of it.
At the beginning I never thought me and my group was going to even be able to make one because it sounds hard and we didn’t know exactly what to do.
Before this project I never really worked with designing and building stuff. But now that its over, all you need to do is look at our car and tell that we’ve learned how. This project would have to be the best project I have ever done. It was fun doing the whole thing and a really good experience I probably won’t forget. I don’t think any project will compare to this one. The most important thing I have probably learned from this whole eperience is to do something major with other people, but have fun and learn something from it at the same time.
It was the funnest thing I have ever done in a classroom setting. Usually I dread math and science because they’re just not my cup of tea, but this was really fun. This project taught me to think outside the box and experiment with things. The part I loved most was working with my group because we were all intelligent students who put our heads together and built a great car (even though it didn’t move), but that’s okay because it was an experiment I’ll always treasure.
This class is the one that I learned the most in and had the most fun! I hope the kids of the future will enjoy it too.
On the race day we won one race and got so many comments on our car.
I had never built something like that before.
It was confusing at first, but easier with help.The hybrid let me see how the future might be.
The car was complicated to build and my group had many troubles.
I’m glad we did so good, it took a long time to correct every part to perfection.
The whole thing was fun and kind of hard at times.
I just find it so weird how that panel can make the motor move and then make the car move.
I learned that the sun could really be a good alternative for cars.
I learned that how well you built the car determines how fast it moves.
I found that smaller cars seem to do better.
I liked that we could chill with friends and meet new people.
It showed us the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.
It was the most interesting project I have done this year.
It was fun and frustrating.
It was quite exciting.
Even though I didn’t like how my car turned out, I had fun at the race.
I learned that some things don’t turn out the way you plan them. One little problem can bring your thoughts to a crashing halt. One loose tire could cause the entire car to break apart. A crooked tire could make the car veer off course.
Test, retest, and test again, even if you think the car is perfect. One little oversight could destroy all hopes of victory.
One day, our car would be fine, but the next day it would break down or have something wrong with it.
It was really cool to get to see how a real hybrid car works.
I liked the real hybrid car. I mean, that car was lookin better than Victoria’s Secret.

Student suggestions for making next year's race even better:
Make previous ideas available to the people doing it next year but don’t give them too much information or else it will be unoriginal, which would make it boring.
To the participants next year: when it comes to your motor, use an extreme amount of glue!
Monitor the start line better for pushing.
Barriers protecting the trackBuild bigger cars.
Control the crowd better.
smaller crowds
clearer skies
Do it on a less humid day.
Have guest speakers.
tighter wires

2nd Annual BHS Solar Sprint - Tue. May 29 2007

Official flyer for this year's Sprint.
Grant proposal for funding the 2nd Annual Sprint.


Official website for the national Solar Sprint competition. Includes documents with great tips on building the best cars. Also has sources for purchasing materials.

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