Hey Environmental Earth Science students, please post weather observations on this page, in the section titled "Weather Observations." Be sure to include the date, your name, and the source of your weather data.

Weather Data Websites

(the best are listed first)

Current conditions at BHS (Weatherbug). This is the data from the same BHS weather station we monitor during the day. It also includes forecasts for the day, the week, and the weekend.

7-day forecast and current conditions (National Weather Service)

Weather observations for the past two days (National Weather Service)

Forecast, current conditions, and past observations (Weather Underground). If you scroll down to the "South East Side, Brockton, MA" Personal Weather Station (PWS), you can view loads of detailed historical data, recorded 10 minutes of every day!

Brockton "School Day" Weather Forecast (The Weather Channel):

Boston Globe weather forecast for Brockton (very basic, based on National Weather Service)

BHS weather data (older version by AWS WeatherNet):,%20MA%20(WBZ)&dma=506&id=BRKTN
BHS weather forecasts (older version by AWS WeatherNet):

Weather Observations

Example for how to post weather observations:

10/24/06, posted by Emily Jones, found on
comments- Today was cold throughout the whole day and pretty dark and cloudy outside. Not a very nice day to be outside.
Temperature: 41°
Pressure: 29.55"
Average Wind: 20mph W
Sunrise: 7:07
Humidity: 57%
Sunset: 5:49
Dew Point: 30°
Moonphase: Waxing Cresent
external image 2.gif
Wind Chill: 32°
Monthly Rain: 2 "
So far today High: 51°F Low: 38°F Rain: 0.00" Rain Rate: 0.00"/h Gusts: 20mph W

10/25/06, posted by Mr. Dawson, found on
comments - It was a pretty nice day out, with nice blue skies and some puffy white clouds. It wasn't too hot, nor was it too cold. It was a good day to be outdoors. I hope tomorrow is as good, so we can have a nice time cleaning the pond.
Pressure:29.74" external image up.gif
Average Wind:11mph NNW
Sunrise:7:08 AM
Sunset:5:47 PM
Dew Point:29°F

external image mphase03.gif
Wind Chill:41°F
Monthly Rain:2.20"
So Far Today High: 50°F Low: 37°F Rain: 0.01" Rain Rate: 0.00"/h Gusts: 28mph NNW
Thu. 11/2/06 Madsen Bazile
comments - Mostly cloudy. Rain...Then a chance of rain this afternoon. Much cooler with highs in the upper 40s. North winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent
Average Wind: 6mph NNW
Sunrise:6:17 AM
Humidity: 93%
Sunset: 4:37 PM
Dew Point: 39°F
external image mphase12.gif

Wind Chill:39°F
Monthly Rain: N/A"
So Far Today High: 50°F Low: 40°F Rain: N/A" Rain Rate: N/A"/h Gusts: 22mph N
Madsen bazile 12/8/06

external image 30.gif Partly Cloudy
High 29°F Precip 20%

NW 22 mph

Max. Humidity:

UV Index:
1 Low

7:00 AM ET

Avg. High:

Record High:
62°F (1966)

external image 31.gif Clear
Overnight Low 22°F Precip 10%

W 20 mph

Max. Humidity:

4:12 PM ET

Avg. Low:

Record Low:
4°F (1964)

Thursday Night:Mostly clear. Cold with lows in the lower 30s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.